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Dr.Piyanate Nakseedee


Working place: อาคาร 19 ชั้น 4, Tel: 0-2697-6707, Email: piyanate_nak@utcc.ac.th

Piyanate Nakseedee is Professor within Engineering and the Environment at the University of The Thai Chamber of Commerce.

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ผลงานด้านวิชาการ Researches and Academic Works

International Journal

  • P. Nakseedee, V. Tanboonchuy, N. Pimpha, P. Khemthong, C-H. Liao, N. Grisdanurak - Arsenic removal by nanoiron coupled with gas bubbling system

    Journal of The Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers | Volumn: 47 | Published: 2015 | Page Rank: 182 - 189
  • Cultivation options for indoor and outdoor growth of Chaetoceros gracilis with airlift photobioreactors. Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology, 8(01), 100-113 - Ritcharoen W., Sriouam P., Nakseedee P., Sang P., Powtongsook S., Kungvansaichol K., Pavasant P.

    Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology | ISSN 1905-7873 | Volumn: 8 No.1 | Published: 2014

International Conference

  • Effect of As(III)/As(V) ratio and background species on arsenic removal by Cu/Fe bimetal. - Nakseedee, P., Hsu, J.C., Grisdanurak, N., Liao, C.H.

    2012 International Conference on Sustainable Environmental Technologies (ICSET) | Published: 2012 | Bangkok, Thailand
  • Arsenic Removal by Cu/Fe Bimetal in the Gas Bubbling System - Piyanate Nakseedee, Jia-Chin Hsu, Nurak Grisdanurak, Chih-Hsiang Liao

    International Conference on Environmental Quality Concern, Control and Conservation | Published: 2011 | Taiwan

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  1. 2015 - ปัจจุบัน: Lecturer Department of Logistics Engineering, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand